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Bridging cultures, building connections

At Leven Real Estate, Inc., we are more than just a licensed real estate brokerage firm – we are a bridge that connects cosmopolitan properties to a global audience, fostering connections between cultures and nations. Our multicultural and multilingual team of seasoned real estate professionals brings a unique perspective to the world of real estate, embodying our vision of cultural diversity and inclusivity.

our vision

Our vision is to become one of  the epitome of cultural diversity within the real estate industry, operating in the most cosmopolitan cities of the world. Our aim is to break down barriers, expand horizons, and create a global network that celebrates differences.


our Mission

It is our mission to offer real estate agents and their clients a place to grow. A place that inspires, a place that supports and a place that challenges to live more. 

We are what we believe in

Our core values are the compass that guides us on our journey of fostering connections, embracing diversity, and achieving excellence. They represent the very essence of who we are and how we approach every interaction, transaction, and relationship. They shape our culture, drive our actions, and set the foundation for the experiences we create.


We operate with unwavering honesty and transparency, fostering trust in every interaction.



We are continuously learning and improving, upholding excellence in every action we undertake.



We embrace diversity and inclusion, creating connections that transcend geographical boundaries.


Our Team

Philip Hordijk, the visionary leader behind LEVEN Real Estate, has propelled the company into a realm where real estate isn't just about properties—it's about people, connections, and the stories that bind us all. With a deep-rooted commitment to enriching lives through real estate, we're rewriting the narrative of global property transactions, one home at a time.


Chief Marketing

Christine Cole

Chief Happiness


Chief Technology



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