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People: Joice Wang

In a matter of months, our new LEVEN agent, Joice Wang, has embarked on a journey that already reflects the heart of our company’s values. In this interview, she shares her unique perspective, cultural insights, and passion for building connections within the world of real estate.

  • What drew you to a career in real estate and ultimately led you to join the Leven team?

I was drawn to a career in real estate due to my deep appreciation for the interactions and connections I can build with people. For me, the ability to truly understand my clients is essential in the real estate business. Building these strong relationships goes beyond just closing deals; it often evolves into lasting friendships. Moreover, I’m genuinely passionate about buildings, apartments, and interior design. I find immense joy in exploring various properties, and it’s an exciting aspect of the job for me.

As for joining the Leven team, I was captivated by the company’s culture.
It feels like a family to me. One of the remarkable aspects is the open access I have to everyone on the team. The atmosphere is friendly, and there’s a genuine willingness to support one another. Each team member brings their unique expertise and perspective, which provides an invaluable resource for tackling challenges. The diverse backgrounds and cultures within the company are also incredibly enriching. With 17 agents speaking 15 different languages, the team’s diversity truly shines through. Working alongside such a dynamic group of individuals is both enjoyable and enlightening. We share laughter, camaraderie, and even spend time together outside of work. This sense of unity and collaboration makes being part of the Leven team a truly rewarding experience.


  • What neighborhoods or property types do you specialize in, and what excites you most about working in these areas?

My specialization is undoubtedly Long Island City (LIC), a neighborhood I’ve called home for nearly five years. My intimate familiarity with this area sets me apart. I’ve immersed myself in its history, gaining insights into the buildings and their sales trends. I’ve witnessed the neighborhood’s evolution firsthand, watching it grow and develop over time.

What excites me most about working in LIC is the opportunity to introduce people to this emerging and vibrant area. Sharing my knowledge of the neighborhood’s history, its transformation, and its potential is incredibly rewarding. Guiding clients through the unique aspects of LIC, whether it’s the architectural gems or the hidden gems in terms of lifestyle offerings, gives me a sense of pride. Helping individuals discover all that LIC has to offer and aiding them in finding their perfect home in this evolving landscape is truly fulfilling.


  • Can you share a recent success story?

I’d love to share a recent success story involving a wonderful client couple I connected with through StreetEasy. My initial interaction was with the wife, and as we began working together, our collaboration proved to be incredibly fruitful. Although they started off unsure about their preferences, I was able to guide them effectively to uncover their true priorities. Over time, I gained a deep understanding of their tastes and the specific attributes they were seeking in an apartment.

Before long, we identified an apartment that resonated with them on all levels. We swiftly moved forward and submitted an offer to a cooperative building. During this phase, I played an integral role in helping them navigate the intricate rules and regulations of the coop. The process involved meticulous attention to detail, including organizing and reviewing hundreds of pages of application documents and financial statements.

Throughout our journey, the couple demonstrated kindness and appreciation for my assistance. Their positive demeanor and collaborative spirit made the entire experience even more enjoyable. I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to celebrate their successful purchase with a dinner at their new home. This story serves as a testament to the value of building strong client relationships, understanding their needs, and guiding them through every step of the real estate journey.


  • What advice would you give to potential buyers or sellers in today’s market, especially in the neighborhoods you specialize in?

For potential buyers and sellers in today’s market, especially in the neighborhoods I specialize in, here’s some advice:

  1. Know Your Finances: If you’re planning to finance your purchase, make sure to have thorough discussions with a loan officer to understand your loan capacity. Having a clear grasp of your financial position will help you make informed decisions.


  2. Budget Wisely: Spend your money wisely, especially in a competitive market. Prioritize your needs and allocate your budget accordingly to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.
  1. Seize the Opportunity: If you’re a cash buyer, the current market conditions are in your favor. Cash purchases can give you a significant edge in negotiations, allowing you to stand out in competitive situations.


  2. Timing Matters: The current market is robust, especially as people return to NYC after summer vacations. Fall tends to be a time when many individuals start actively looking for real estate. If you’re considering buying, acting swiftly before the influx of buyers can give you an advantage.


  3. LIC’s Unique Market: Long Island City (LIC) is a distinctive market. It’s relatively new, yet the inventory remains limited. New developments are scarce, and property owners tend to hold onto their assets for long-term value. If you’re aiming to buy in LIC, you’ll need to act quickly when properties you like become available. Alternatively, be prepared for potentially extended waits until the next suitable opportunity arises due to the low inventory.


  4. Be Decisive: Swift decision-making is crucial. With limited inventory and high demand, especially in the LIC market, properties can get snatched up quickly. If you find a property that aligns with your preferences, don’t hesitate to take prompt action to secure it.
  • How your past experiences and skills contribute to your success as an agent at Leven?

My Asian heritage and the deep understanding I have of Asian culture have proven to be valuable assets within the diverse team at Leven. This understanding allows me to connect and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients from a wide range of backgrounds, fostering a sense of inclusivity and collaboration within the team.

Having specialized in rental deals for the past years, I’ve gained extensive experience working with renters. This background equips me to guide investor buyers in making informed decisions regarding rental properties and property management within the Leven portfolio. This expertise adds value to our clients, as they can confidently invest in properties with the knowledge that I can assist them in effectively navigating the rental market.

My social skills and expansive circle of friends and acquaintances further enhance my role as an agent. I’ve taken the initiative to host numerous events, creating opportunities to showcase Leven’s offerings and connect with potential clients. This proactive approach has allowed me to spread our name and attract a diverse range of individuals. By creating a welcoming and engaging environment, I’ve been able to establish rapport and build relationships that go beyond business transactions.

In essence, my ability to connect culturally, leverage my rental expertise, and leverage my social skills has played a pivotal role in my success at Leven. It’s not only about the transactions but about building lasting relationships and contributing positively to the team’s growth and reputation.



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