Apartments for sale around New York University

New York University Area

Centered around Washington Square Park, where speed chess is a serious sport, the New York University neighborhood is rather informally bounded, due to the campus’ perpetual evolution. The district is essentially an annex of Greenwich Village, with branches that also extend out into the East Village and NoHo. The area features charming architecture in the form of low and mid-rise buildings, and while the artsy vibe has been inherited from the rich bohemian history of the Village, its bustling spirit is owed to the presence of the thousands of NYU attendees who live, study, and play there.

With a reputation as a cultural exchange, remnants of the Village’s vibrant past are still prominent today, as an appreciation for the arts is the standard. Of course, there are the University’s performing arts centers, but entertainment and the arts are also celebrated in small independent film theaters, record stores, comedy clubs, intimate music venues and talented street musicians. The streets are peppered with eateries of varying price points, and there’s quite a selection of unique taverns and 24-hour dining options. There is a quirky quality to life in the NYU neighborhood, and a specialty shop to accommodate seemingly every interest.


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