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Apartments for sale in Yorkville New York


East of Third Avenue between 79th and 96th Streets lies Yorkville, mostly a quiet residential neighborhood that benefits from the Mayor’s home (Gracie Mansion), a riverfront park and some of the finest museums in New York. Its proximity to the Chapin and Brearley Schools make this area very desirable for family living. This section of Manhattan had its origins with German and Czech immigrants in the 1840’s with their infamous beer and dance halls until they were replaced in recent decades by high-rise residential constructions. The new subway line that runs along Second Avenue from 96th street to 63rd Street has definitely attracted more residents recently. The area’s retail stores can be found primarily on 86th Street between First and Lexington Avenues. Overall, Yorkville is a comfortable, inexpensive neighborhood that is becoming more desirable every year.


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