Blog ArticlesTaste NYC: Our Top Picks for NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2023
Taste NYC: Our Top Picks for NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2023

As the city buzzes with food excitement during NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2023, we’ve rounded up some awesome places that’ll make your taste buds dance. Whether you are a food lover looking for fresh thrills or just want to enjoy familiar flavors, these restaurants are all about making your mealtime extra special.



  1. 8282: Mixing Cultures Deliciously
    At 8282, it’s all about mixing flavors from East and West. From delicious sushi to mouthwatering European-inspired dishes, 8282 serves up a menu that celebrates different yummy things in every single bite.
  1. Boulud Sud: Tastes of the Mediterranean
    Boulud Sud is like a little Mediterranean getaway, right here in NYC! They’ve got fresh seafood, tasty spices, and dishes that remind you of sunny Southern Europe.
  1. Fish Cheeks: Thai Food Fun
    Craving some Thai goodness? Fish Cheeks has got you covered with real-deal Thai dishes. It’s like a trip to Southeast Asia through your taste buds!
  1. Gotham: Modern American Yum
    Gotham is where classic American dishes meet a modern twist. Their menu mixes old favorites with new flavors, making every bite a tasty adventure.
  1. Le Gratin: Cozy French Feels
    Le Gratin is all about comfy, classic French food. Think hearty stews and scrumptious pastries that taste like they came straight from France.
  1. Le Rock: Italian Food Love
    Pizza, pasta, and all things Italian await you at Le Rock. They’ve got the delicious flavors of Italy ready to make your meal awesome.
  1. Pig & Khao: Flavorful Fusion
    Pig & Khao is a journey through the flavors of Southeast Asia. They blend different tastes from different places, and the result is pure yum! 
  1. Steak Frites Bistro: Steak Happiness
    Craving a perfect steak? Steak Frites Bistro is where you’ll find it, along with crispy fries. Their simple menu lets the flavors shine.
  1. Suprema Provisions: Italian Goodness
    Suprema Provisions is all about cozy Italian vibes. With handmade pasta and yummy desserts, it’s like getting a taste of Italy’s best.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your table now and let us know what you think!




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