Blog ArticlesPhilip Hordijk featured in The Wall Street Journal
Philip Hordijk featured in The Wall Street Journal

Welcome to a glimpse of the dynamic real estate world through the lens of Philip Hordijk, the visionary behind Leven Real Estate. We’re excited to share his recent spotlight in The Wall Street Journal, where he shares invaluable insights shaping the industry.



In the dynamic realm of real estate, the power of knowledge can never be underestimated. We are excited to share a significant moment as Philip Hordijk, CEO and Founder of Leven Real Estate, takes the stage in a feature within The Wall Street Journal. This article spotlights Philip’s insightful expertise, shedding light on the invaluable contributions a seasoned real estate professional brings to the table.

According to him, the pinnacle of value lies in “knowledge.” He emphasizes, “Knowledge of market trends, understanding active inventory, navigating complex processes, and executing successful deals – these are the cornerstones of our service.”

Philip’s insights stand as an essential pillar of truth in the real estate industry. His deep understanding of market trends, skillful handling of current inventory, and mastery in navigating complex deal-making processes make him a valuable ally and advocate for clients.


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