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People: Salone del Mobile Recap

Hey design enthusiasts! Let’s rewind a bit and relive the buzz that was the “Salone del Mobile Recap” event. Held just a couple of months ago, this gathering was a hub of creativity and insights, with architects and interior designers sharing their takeaways from their recent stint at the Salone del Mobile fair. 

Fabiola Lwow: “Nature’s elegance remains eternally in vogue, inspiring timeless design choices.”

First up, Fabiola Lwow hit us with a reminder about the evergreen charm of nature-inspired designs. Her words echoed the idea that while trends come and go, nature’s beauty holds a timeless appeal. Think about it – integrating natural elements into design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about infusing spaces with a touch of eternity.

Jan-Willem Poels: “In the realm of design, the human touch is irreplaceable. AI, however, has the power to change how designers create.”

Jan-Willem Poels took us on a journey exploring the intricate relationship between human creativity and the potential of AI. His words got us pondering the age-old debate – can machines replace the human touch? His insight? Nah. AI might just be the game-changer that transforms the way designers craft their masterpieces. It’s like a collaboration between human imagination and AI precision.

Evelyn Herrera: “Salone del Mobile brought together a crowd of over 300,000 design enthusiasts this year!”

Evelyn Herrera whipped out some impressive numbers, painting a picture of the massive spectacle that was this year’s Salone del Mobile. Imagine more than 300,000 design fanatics all in one place! That’s not just a convention; it’s a testament to the universal allure of design. It’s proof that design isn’t just about objects; it’s a language that brings people together.


Jason Campbell: “As designers, our workload is boundless, but the right program would empower us to harmonize ideas and bring imagination to life, efficiently and effectively.”

Let’s talk real here – design is no walk in the park. Jason Campbell hit the nail on the head by acknowledging the endless demands on designers. But his optimism shone through when he talked about the game-changing potential of the right tools. Imagine having a program that’s like a sidekick, turning your wild ideas into tangible creations without the usual chaos. That’s some next-level efficiency right there.

So there you have it – a glimpse into the minds of these design gurus. From the perennial allure of nature’s elegance to the AI-human tango, and from the sheer magnitude of design enthusiasts coming together to the promises of streamlined creativity, this event was a treasure trove of insights.



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